Why hire a professional painter?

​There are so many reasons to hire a professional like High Definition Painting to come to your Chesterfield home or office. We get the job done quickly, bringing all of the tools we need to ensure that your space is properly prepped and cleaned, all paint lines are clean and crisp, and the final product is something you love. Hiring a professional painter prevents you from not only spending time and energy doing the actual work, but you avoid the hassle of fumbling with ladders, inhaling fumes, and messy clean-up. We put our skills and resources to work for you. If you have a room or an entire home that needs a fresh coat of paint, call now for a free estimate.

What types of spaces do your painters work on?

High Definition Painting is happy to paint any space. We work on old homes in and around the Chesterfield area that have seen years of life as well as brand new construction.
If you only need one room painted, our team will show you the same level of care and attention to detail as if you wanted your entire home redone. No job is too big or too small. We have experience painting both residential and commercial properties. Nothing can transform your home or workplace like new paint. You can change the entire atmosphere of your living room or your conference room when you hire a professional painter like us! Plus, we work on both the interior and exterior. Painting on the inside is much different than painting on the outside. To make sure your paint stays looking great for years, it’s important to have the proper tools, paint, and a correctly prepped surface. Our team knows what it takes to deliver a beautiful finished product in both cases. Call now for a free estimate to see how we can upgrade the look and feel of your home!

How do your prices compare to other painters?

​High Definition Painting is proud to offer affordable services to our clients all over Chesterfield. We believe in providing professional work at a price that is fair to our customers and enables them to have professional services without destroying their budget. We promise you won’t find the same quality of work, professionalism, and reliability from any other painters in the area. Call now for a free estimate.


How soon can your painters get to work?

​We value your time and your business. We get to work as soon as possible so that you can begin enjoying your new beautiful space. Because we are a small business, we give you the attention you deserve, and we prioritize your wants and needs. At High Definition Painting, we ask, “Why go standard when you can go High Def?” Call now for a free estimate so we can begin work on your space!

How should I prepare my house before the painter arrives?

Our team has everything we need to protect your furniture and floors from paint splatter. Between drop cloths and plastic coverings, we promise to keep your things safe. We do ask that you clear the area of small items and breakables. That keeps your possessions out of the way, so we don’t accidentally knock them over and break them, but it also keeps us from tripping over things and injuring ourselves. If you have larger pieces of furniture that you need help moving out of the way, we can help with that upon arrival.

How long does it take for your painters to complete the job?

The length of each project varies. When you call for your estimate, we can give you a better idea of what you can expect as far as timelines are concerned. What we can promise you, though, is that we will work efficiently so that we don’t waste your time. When you hire us, you trust us to take over your space and give it a facelift. We know you want the job done as quickly as possible so your home or office can get back to normal. We get in, get the job done, and then you can enjoy your space!

Do I have to be home while the painter works?

Our team knows that life is busy. You don’t have time to sit at home watching paint dry—literally! We don’t require you to be present while our painters work. Feel free to go to work, run errands, or even go on vacation! Simply leave a spare key, and we will let ourselves in and get to work. High Def Painting only hires painters we trust. Our reputation is on the line, which is why we operate under the highest standards of integrity and honesty. We trust our painters; you can too.

Can your painters match my current paint color?

Yes! If you love the colors on your walls, but it’s time for a fresh, clean coat, we can match your existing paint colors. We can take a very small chip from your wall, bring it to the paint company, and their technologies can match the colors exactly.

How often should I hire a painter to take care of my home’s exterior?

How often you repaint the outside of your home depends on how much sun and rain your home sees as well as the materials that are on your home’s exterior. When your paint is peeling, fading, or bubbling, it is high time that you call us. If you aren’t sure if your home needs a paint job, give us a call and we will evaluate your needs and give you a free estimate.

Will I need to clean up after your painter leaves?

When our paint crews are finished, we leave your home swept, clean, and without a trace of painting supplies. You won’t need to clean up after we leave. Our goal is to present you with a space you love that you can immediately enjoy; no clean-up required.

Do your painters offer other services?

Along with painting, High Definition Painting also offers drywall repair services. Before you can paint your walls, they have to be even and free of holes. Many times, the day-to-day living in your home can leave your walls in less than pristine condition. Before we paint, we can come in and take care of your walls so that they are ready for their new look. We can take your wall from start to finish, and you won’t have to lift a finger.